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Global Social Responsibility Initiatives by the Worldwide Brewing Alliance
This booklet has been put together by the Worldwide Brewing Alliance, which involves brewing trade associations in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the USA and the Brewers of Europe (17 European brewing trade associations), and focuses on demonstrating the efforts made by the brewing industry to ensure its products are used responsibly.

The number and diversity of the initiatives listed recognise the cultural and legal differences in different countries and show the need to tailor activity to local needs. More than 360 initiatives from 34 different countries are described. These have been grouped under 6 main sections: ‘Campaigns and educational material’, ‘Campaigns and initiatives designed to discourage people from drinking and driving’, ‘Research and publications’, ‘Codes and practice for responsible commercial communications’, ‘Server training’, and ‘Workplace initiatives and company responsibility campaigns’.

Brewers worldwide produce 1,500 million hectolitres of beer every year and support an estimated 17 million jobs both directly and indirectly the production and sale of beer. In the introduction the WBA say: “Beer is a social drink. When consumed responsibly, it provides pleasure, brings people together and encourages them to socialise. Tens of millions of people throughout the world enjoy drinking beer and do so safely and responsibly.”

Editor Janet Witheridge of the British Beer & Pub Association says: “Beer is regularly enjoyed by people the world over and has been an integral part of society for centuries in many cultures worldwide…What does not vary is the brewing industry’s commitment to discouraging misuse of its products as shown by the initiatives described.”

This report is well-designed and very comprehensive, providing an excellent overview of initiatives around the world. The inclusion of the numerous posters and publicity material adds visual interest and makes report colourful and cultural fascinating, as one can see the varying strategies around the globe.

A website directory and address list completes this report which is available from: British Beer & Pub Association, Market Towers, 1 Nine Elms Lane, London, SW8 5NQ Email:

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