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IREB- Alcohol and Traffic Safety in France, United Kingdom and Italy
This IREB report gives an insight in to road safety and alcohol related accident in Italy France and the UK, through statistics, analysis and interviews with Pierangelo, President of the Italian Society for the Psychology of Road Safety, Rob Tunbridge, Director of the Department for the study of Motor Disturbances, Transport Research Laboratory, UK and Maries-Berthe Biecheler Fretel, Research Director at the Joint Unit for Epidemiologic Research on Transport, Work and Environment survey (National Institute for Research in to Transport Safety).

The report shows that each of the countries is at a different stage in their fight against alcohol related accidents.

Italy reports that only 1% of road deaths are alcohol related. but Italy has no rigorous detection of alcohol after accidents, testing only 100,000 drivers a year in comparison to 9 million in France. In Italy a large proportion of the population is still unaware of the dangers of drinking and driving

In France, after 2002 there was a clamp down on drink driving with the introduction of new penal procedures. Figures in 2003 show a reduction of road deaths by 2,500 (20.9%), with average speeds falling and alcohol related deaths dropping by 14%. In France there are major inconsistencies across the regions, with some reigons not using alcohol testing on weekend nights, which is when 65% of accidents involving illegal levels of alcohol occur.

The situation in the UK is found to exemplary. The UK has developed accurate and inexpensive electronic alcohol tests which are used and the drink driving policies have been in place for many years. Disuasion is so effective that alcohol related deaths in the UKare about 4 times fewer than in France.

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