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IREB report on 13-20 year olds drinking in France
IREB has 30 years experience of surveying the consumption of alcoholic beverages by various population Their surveys seek to better understand a population’s specific attitudes and behaviours towards alcohol, measuring and analysing the frequency, context, motives and factors associated with alcohol consumption.

The 2001 cross-sectional survey involved 1028 teenagers between the ages of 13 and 20, recruited from the general population. The population is identical to the census population and includes young people not enrolled in school.

The survey looks at the prevalence of alcohol consumption by gender and age, but above all it highlights the association between alcohol consumption and socio-demographic, academic, behavioural, relationship, and psychological factors. The survey gives estimated quantity of alcohol consumed and places consumption in a much broader perspective, including modes of drinking, lifestyles, opinions and values. The survey shows a light decrease in alcohol consumption, both in consumer numbers and in alcohol intake.

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