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Spinning the Bottle by Harvey Posert and Paul Franson
In reviewing this book, I want to pay a compliment to Harvey Posert with whom I have worked for the last thirty years. Nobody understands the tricks of the ‘PR’ game more than he does. This fascinating collection of case histories and the ‘wheeler dealing’ of the public relations which he aptly calls ‘spinning the boottle’ reveals some of the mysteries of P.R.

We were involved in the creation of Robert Mondavi’s Mission Programme that Harvey mentions in the introduction, and from which the original European conferences on ‘Sensible Drinking and Health’ sprang, leading in 1991 to the formation of AIM. In fact Harvey was in Strasbourg after the European Parliament debate, when AIM was born.

So it is with affection that I recommend this book of articles, stories and anecdotes about public relations and wine.

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