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Wine Report 2004 by Tom Stevenson
This pocket-sized companion to the world of wine is an indispensable guide. Written by a 40 strong team of specialists covering every wine region, this comprehensive volume is edited by Tom Stevenson, the author of The New Sotheby’s Wine Encyclopaedia. ‘Each year, Wine Report provides a one-stop update to what has happened in the world of wine during the previous 12 months’, says Stevenson. It is the essential reference for the wine lover everywhere.

Special features in this edition include Wine & Health, written by Beverley Blanning M.W. The chapter is concise and informative. She talks of the ‘J Curve’ - the relationship between light and moderate drinking and longevity. She points out that alcohol in any form accounts for 50 per cent of the beneficial effects concerning heart health, wine has higher level of antioxidants, and reduces cholesterol. Of particular interest to AIM readers would be the list of wine health benefits, hypes, health dangers & myths. An informed and reliable briefing on the wine world. If you want your finger of the pulse of viniculture then this is for you.

Wine Report 2004 Doring Kindersley £9.99 ISBN#0-7513-4778-7

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