Page last updated: Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Industry partnerships to promote responsible drinking
The Amsterdam (TAG) group have produced a video detailing industry initiatives which promote responsible drinking. The video opens with a short history of how alcohol has formed part of our society and culture since ancient times. It then details how most of us drink sensibly and that drinking is a pleasurable and sociable past time for most people, who know to enjoy drinking and to moderate their consumption.

The video then moves onto highlight the minority who misuse alcohol, with the emphasis being on underage consumers and drink drivers. These are areas where industry partnerships can really make a difference. Partnerships are featured whereby bar and retail staff are trained to say no to underage drinkers. Other campaigns target young consumers themselvers through youth clubs and teacher/youth partnerships or youth orientated websites.

Industry initiated and monitered Codes of Practice are highlighted, which many European countries have set up to ensure responsible marketing, so that beverages do not appeal to the underage or suggest sexual success for example.

Finally Drink-drive campaigns are featured such as I’ll be BOB, a designated driver scheme which has operated with great success since 1995 in Belgium.

The video sets out to illustrate that members of the alcohol industry are proactive in addressing areas of known misuse such as drink-drive and underage consumption of alcohol. ‘This video is intended to promote a constructive debate among interested parties in Europe and to assist them in devising optimum strategies to combat alcohol misuse’ states the video sleeve.

For copies, please contact the Amsterdam Group. See inside back cover of AIM Digest for details.

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