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Angel of Temperance - Drinking in Moderation
“The family is a special training school that introduces us to friendship, teaches us to care for one another, and is where we will begin to interact with others. The family, especially parents, are entrusted with the sacred and precious task of education. The family must act as the protagonist in a child’s education, and both the Church and State have to cooperate.”

This fascinating book published by the Vatican takes an in depth look at the role of parents in modern day society through the eyes of a Guardian Angel and offers tools and solutions to deal with the influences of the media and advertising and the role they play in our children’s lives - in this context the role played in influencing the purchase and consumption of alcohol.

The history of alcohol within Christianity is discussed and the point made through quotations from the bible that it has always been recognised as a double edged sword ‘ wine and music delight the soul as long as they are used with sobriety’ (Eccles 32:6 40:20). The role of alcohol as a medicine historically leads to a chapter on current alcohol and health research.

The Angel concludes after his mission that Italy’s culture of moderate drinking, based on education and respect for family and social values rooted in Mediterranean traditions is threatened by new imported trends influenced by the weakening of family ties. He believes the solution lies in reinforcing the family unit and parental influence by teaching children how to ‘lead a simple and balanced lifestyle despite living in a world centred on material goods’.

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