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Alcohol and violence: Exploring patterns and responses - ICAP Publication
Authors of a recent ICAP publication ‘Alcohol and violence: Exploring the patterns and responsese’ state: ‘Increasing attention is being paid to the question of what exactly is the nature of the association between alcohol and violence. This is the case both in terms of scientific and research efforts and also in terms of public discourse. Although most commentators agree that there is no simple causative relationship, there is certainly a need to better understand how some patterns of drinking intersect with some patterns of violence. This collection of papers is an attempt to contribute to that understanding’.

Each contribution presented provides a distinct disciplinary perspective from the author’s area of expertise—anthropology, clinical psychology, human rights law, gender, public health, and violence. The first part of the monograph explores the factors that influence patterns of violence at both the individual and societal levels. The second part explores some practical responses toward preventing alcohol related violence. Finally, Joseph Asare and Ronald West have developed a set of international guidelines, amalgamated by ICAP and intended to enhance communications between first responders to alcohol-related violence, particularly between the health and law enforcement sectors.

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