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Health Issues Related to Alcohol Consumption
edited by Professor Ian MacDonald
ILSI - International Life Sciences Institute with its impeccable background as a non-profit world-wide foundation, affiliated to the World Health Organisation and having special status with the Food & Agricultural Section of the United Nations, can act as an unbiased conduit for publishing an objective view of the current state of scientific knowledge of ‘Drinking and Health’.

Prof. Ian Macdonald of the University of London has assembled this work in nine chapters and with no less than 37 specialists contributing.

The work of the ILSI began in 1992 when leading scientists were asked to review critically the state of information available on the relationship between alcohol consumption and nine important health issues: hypertension, stroke, coronary heart disease, digestive tract cancers, liver disease, breast cancer, pregnancy, body weight and genetics.

The group of scientists included epidemiologists, clinicians, toxicologists, and other biomedical researchers. The task assigned was to appraise what we know and, equally important, what we do not know about alcohol and especially moderate consumption, as it pertains to a wide range of biomedical considerations.

The result was the publication of the book "Health issues related to alcohol consumption" first published by ILSI Press in 1993.

This new edition includes additional topics and combines some of the topics from the original book. Nine panels were formed, each with its own chairman. Each panel was asked to address the relationship between alcohol consumption and one of the following areas: moderate drinking, assessment of intake, genetics, body weight, the cardiovascular systems, pregnancy, breast cancer, bone, and the central nervous system.

Professor Macdonald particularly emphasised the difficulties they encountered in their project due to the lack of an International ' standard drink' or unit,which could be applied when comparing the results of studies from different countries, as well as variations in the definition by scientists of what constitutes ' moderate consumption'.

This important review of many aspects of ‘moderate drinking’ is particularly relevant to AIM’s policy of communicating the ‘Sensible Drinking Message’. Professor Macdonald and his associates are to be congratulated for providing an excellent reference work which explores thoroughly the various aspects between drinking alcohol and health.

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