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The Art of Moderation — and alternative to alcoholism
by John Michael
The Art of Moderation is written by a recovered alcoholic. Unusual in that John Michael is now a moderate drinker rather than an abstainer. "It is my intention to demonstrate that, although some alcoholics may never be able to drink moderately, the pretence that all alcoholics are unable to rehabilitate themselves and be moderate drinkers is inaccurate."

Michael believes the first step is an acknowledgement of over-indulgence, which has to be coupled with a decision to change existing habits and an ‘openness to instruction.’

Following his advice Michael believes you have to change your thought patterns of associating pleasure and escapism with intoxication to a focus on the hangover and disruption that heavy drinking brings. Hence you begin to view intoxication as undesirable.

Then the individual needs to change the association of pleasure to moderate behaviour - create a list of benefits, rewoven and control. To change your life to a moderate one might involve changing friends and habits (including diet and exercise.) A feeling of control, more independence and appreciation from your family and friends is key.

So how does drinking one drink not turn into a binge? The speed of drinking is the answer states Michael. Sip slowly and don’t drink on an empty stomach, or if stressed. Finally he advises alternate drinks and eat if at a party.

ISBN 1-56550-084-9 Vision Books

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