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Wine and Health - myths and facts
by Dr Erik Skovenborg
Dr.Skovenborg, founder member of the Scandinavian Medical Alcohol Board has just published a varied, informative but amusing guide to wine and health with a view to dispelling the confusion concerning drinking and health.

Dr. Skovenborg covers a broad spectrum of subjects such as the effect of alcohol on the brain, the liver, diabetes, gallstones, the blood, pregnancy and astma, but interestingly each subject is introduced with information about the history of the medical use of wine for that particular disease.

The effect of polyphenols as anti-oxidants is discussed at length and many facts throughout the book are based on the Copenhagen based City Heart Study, conducted by Dr. Morten Gronbeck, who writes a commentary in the book. The 350 page tome is amusingly illustrated throughout by Villy Jacobsen, also from Denmark.

Erik Skovenborg is not shy of tackling dependency in the Chapter 'Alcohol a cruel master' and devotes a further chapter to moderation and 'Doctor's Orders'.

Happily, wine and food and the pleasures of drinking as part of a healthy lifestyle are discussed at length, with a less enticing explanation of digestion and the beneficial match between tannic red wine and fatty meats.

Finally, the author devotes a chapter to beer and health, and discusses the benefits of other alcoholic beverages apart from wine.

All in all Dr. Skovenborg has more than answered the layman's queries about drinking, health and life-style and encourages us to live and enjoy life armed with the knowledge that drinking moderately will enhance your enjoyment and longevity.

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