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WINE and HEALTH: A new look at an old medicine by Dr Phil Norrie
Dr Phillip Norrie is well known to readers of AIM as a regular contributor and member of our Editorial Board. The subject of his new work is of considerable general interest, and traces the history of wine throughout the development of Western civilisation, as a known and recognised medicine.

In the introduction Phillip Norrie says: "The purpose of this book is to help you to die young as late as possible: in other words to recommend how it is possible to have a healthy, youthful body for as long as possible and increase both quality and quantity of life.

Norrie also hopes to 'alter the perception that wine is only a drink for special occasions but can and should be consumed daily, as a health drink, to add enjoyment to a healthy, disease free life'.

Wine & health: A New Look at an Old Medicine presents the facts about the use of wine as a medicine by the medical profession in the past and the results of current research into the benefits of moderate wine consumption on peoples health today."

The book traces the history of viticulture from the earliest times from before Christ in Georgia, and its spread westwards via the Tigris and Euphrates rivers to Egypt, Greece and Rome. The earliest recorded medical handbook was a Sumerian tablet written in 2200 BC which specifically recommends wine as a treatment. It is fascinating to learn that wine as a medicine was common in many cultures.

Hippocrates (460-377 BC)and Galen (131-210 AD) Neros Army surgeon used wine to prevent infection. Rhazes (860-932 AD) was an Arabian physician who advocated wine as a medicine, right through the ages to Pasteur, Serge Renaud and Sir Richard Doll.

Alcohol has been part of mans means of protection and cure for over 5,000 years. It protected the Roman legions from contamination by poisoned water, and meant the alternative between life and death in the convict ships to Australia.

This small paperback sets out a collection of interesting and educational data, including the key constituents of wine, standard drinks and the parameters of sensible drinking.

History of wine as a medicine. By Dr Phillip Norrie Published by Apollo Books C. Pierson, Publishers PO Box 87Mosman NSW 2088 Australia

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