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Book Reviews
A light hearted review of a frothy subject... Foaming whirls as white as Cleopatras melted pearls by Harvey E. Finkel, M.
Alcohol and violence: Exploring patterns and response
Alcohol and violence: Exploring patterns and responses - ICAP Publication
Consumer advice for cancer sufferers - Book Review
Book review - Alcohol - Opposing Viewpoints
Book Review - ‘Addiction Proof Your Child’ by Dr Stanton Peele
Book review ‘The Healing Power of Champagne’
Binge Britain - Alcohol and the National response by Martin and Moira Plant
ICAP - Alcohol Education and its Effectiveness
IREB - Alcohol and Traffic Safety in France, United Kingdom and Italy
Beer Health and Nutrition by Professor C.W. Bamforth
Reasonable Risk Alcohol Perspective by Marjana Martinic and Barbara Leigh
Spinning the Bottle
Drinks Advertising in the EU Today
What Drives Underage Drinking?
Allied Domecq Social Report 2004 'Responsible thinking'
Educ Alcool ' Be Prepared to Talk to your Children
'Drinking to your Health' - New Zealand Beer, Wine and Spirits Council
Angel of Temperance
ICAP "Moonshine Markets"
IREB Report on 13-20 year olds drinking in France
Binge Drinking: Causes, Consequences and Cures by Adrian Furnham
Global Social Responsibility Initiatives By the Worldwide Brewing Alliance
ICAP "International Drinking Guidelines" Summary
The Art of Moderation — and alternative to alcoholism
by John Michael
The Drink Pocket Guide 2004
Alcohol & Your Child: a fact sheet
Diageo - Corporate Citizenship Report 2003
The Benefits of Moderate Beer Consumption The Brewers of Europe 2002
Wine Report 2004 by Tom Stevenson
Moderate Alcohol Consumption and Vascular Health
by Aafje Sierksma
Trends in Mortality Attributable to Current Alcohol Consumption in East and West Germany
Wine - A Scientific Exploration
Edited by Merton Sandler and Roger Pinder
Alcohol and Heart Disease
Edited by Ronald R. Watson and Adam K Myers
Industry partnerships to promote responsible drinking
RESPONSIBLE DRINKING - the moderate approach for problem drinkers
by Frederick Rotgers, PSY.D., Marc F. Kern, PH.D. & Rudy Hoeltzel
‘To Your Health’ The Science of Healthy Drinking by Gene Ford
reviewed by Peter Duff
International Centre for Alcohol Policies. ICAP Reports ‘Violence and Licensed Premises’
reviewed by Ann Hansford
The Portman Group third Code of Practice
European young people and Alcohol
In Vino Sanitas? A Review and Perspective of the Inter-relationships of Wine and Health
The case against MODERATIONISM
By Stuart Walton
Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy
by Walter Willett M.D.
Drink Pocket Book 2002
A drink, a healthy pleasure: extracts from Alcohol, the sober facts
by Jan Snel
Alcohol and "Special Populations". The 10th ICAP report
Global Status report on Alcohol
reviewed by Helena Conibear
Self-Regulation of Beverage Alcohol Advertising: Icap Reports 9
Alcohol and Society
Did tea and beer make Britain great?
The Alcohol Report,
Edited by Dr Martin Plant and Douglas Cameron
Book Review by Peter Duff
Clean Living Movements
by Dr Ruth Engs
A comparison of the Health effects of alcohol consumption and tobacco use in America
published by the American Council on Science and Health
WINE and HEALTH: A new look at an old medicine
by Dr Phil Norrie
Drinking Occasions: Comparative Perspectives on Alcohol and Culture
by Professor Dwight B Heath
Health Issues Related to Alcohol Consumption
edited by Professor Ian MacDonald
Wine and Health - myths and facts
by Dr Erik Skovenborg
Alcohol and pleasure - a health perspective 
Drink: A Social History of America
by Andrew Barr
Fit for Life
by Ranulph Fiennes
By Dr Betsy Thom
A woman's guide to Alcohol - Alcohol Concern
Tackling Alcohol Together - the evidence base for a UK Alcohol Policy
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