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Relative Risks Of Alcohol Consumption And Prostate Cancer
Although prostate cancer has become the most common cancer among men in the United States, little is known about the factors associated with prostate cancer incidence.

A study of the incidence of prostate cancer and alcohol consumption was therefore made Dennis LK and published in Prostate, Vol 42, No1, 1999. In an attempt to determine whether there is an association with alcohol, and if so, its magnitude, a meta-analysis of studies published prior to July 1998 was conducted to pool relative risks (RR) estimates from the existing literature on the association between cancer and alcohol consumption.

The overall pooled relative risk( RR) estimate was 1.05 for both fixed and random effect models, based on six cohort studies and 27 case -control studies. The RR estimate varied little by study design.

The 15 studies reporting amount of alcohol consumed a linear dose-response was fitted, finding a RR of 1.05 for each additional drink of alcohol per day or RR of 1.21 for 4 drinks per day. A RR 1.02 was found for each additional drink of alcohol per day when the average drinks per day consumed in the 15 studies were used to estimate the overall risk for all 33 studies.

Overall, no association between prostate cancer and alcohol consumption was seen.

Dennis LK, "Meta-analysis for combining relative risks of alcohol consumption and prostate cancer",Prostate, Vol 42, No1, 1999, pp56-66

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