Section last updated: September 10, 2022
Colorectal Cancers & Alcohol
Alcohol and Cancer
by Harvey Finkel, M.D
Alcohol consumption, polygenic risk score, and early- and late-onset colorectal cancer risk (Sept 2022)
Association between alcohol consumption and survival in colorectal cancer (Sept 2019)
A J-shaped curve for the relation of alcohol consumption to the risk of colorectal cancer (June 2019)
Meta-analysis of 16 studies of the association of alcohol with colorectal cancer (May 2019)
Wine consumption and colorectal cancer risk (Nov 2018)
Alcohol consumption, genetic variants in the alcohol- and folate metabolic pathways and colorectal cancer risk (Dec 2016)
Alcohol consumption and colon cancer prognosis (June 2016)
Alcohol consumption and survival of colorectal cancer patients (May 2016)
Consumption of beer and colorectal cancer incidence: a meta-analysis of observational studies (Jul 2015)
The association of alcohol consumption with the risk of death from colorectal cancer (Feb 2015)
Effects of alcohol consumption on risk of colorectal cancer; potential modification by folate intake (Oct 2013)
Moderate alcohol consumption might protect against colorectal cancer (Sep 2012)
Heavier alcohol consumption may increase risk of colon cancer in people with a family history of such cancer (Feb 2012)
Interaction between alcohol drinking and obesity in relation to colorectal cancer risk (Feb 2012)
Relation of alcohol consumption to colorectal cancer (Dec 2011)
Inverse relationship between moderate alcohol intake and rectal cancer (Sep 2011)

Alcohol intake and risk of colorectal cancer: results from the UK Dietary Cohort Consortium (Nov 2010)

Diet, lifestyle, drinking and bowel cancer risk (Nov 2010)
Heavy drinkers with the alcohol dehdrogenase 1C*1 gene are at greater risk of colorectal cancer
Alcohol consumption, type of alcoholic beverage and risk of colorectal cancer at specific subsites
Major European study links alcohol and bowel cancer
Associations between the age at diagnosis and location of colorectal cancer and the use of alcohol and tobacco
Moderate alcohol consumption protects against colorectal adenomas
Alcohol and colon tumor risk
Recent research about alcohol and colorectal cancer
Creina S. Stockley, The Australian Wine Research Institute
Alcohol colon and rectal cancer
Wine and colorectal cancer
Wine may protect against bowel cancer
Alcohol consumption and the etiology of colorectal cancer: A review of the scientific evidence from 1957 to 1991.
Gastritis, Ulcer, Stomach Cancer - Might Drinking Be Protective?
by Harvey Finkel, M.D
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