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Alcohol Consumption and Diabetes Mellitus
Following a review of thirty-two studies that met a set of standard criteria, it was recently found that compared with no alcohol use, moderate consumption (one to 3 drinks/d) is associated with a 33% to 56% lower incidence of diabetes and a 34% to 55% lower incidence of diabetes-related coronary heart disease. However, heavy consumption (>3 drinks/d) may be associated with up to a 43% increased incidence of diabetes.

The investigators found that moderate alcohol consumption does not acutely impair glycemic control in persons with diabetes. Specifically, the authors write, ‘Moderate alcohol consumption is associated with a decreased incidence of diabetes mellitus and a decreased incidence of heart disease in persons with diabetes’.

Further studies are needed to assess the long-term effects of alcohol consumption on glycemic control and on cardiac complications in persons with diabetes.”

Source: Howard A et al,, Effect of Alcohol Consumption on Diabetes Mellitus – A Systematic Review, Annals of Internal Medicine, Vol 140, No 3, 2004, pp211-219

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