Page last updated: January 10, 2017
The prevention of oxidative damage by polyphenol-rich wine extracts

The authors of a n article in the Journal of Medicinal Food state that “Wine contains various polyphenols such as flavonoids, anthocyanins, and tannins. These molecules are responsible for the quality of wines, influencing their astringency, bitterness, and color and they are considered to have antioxidant activity. Polyphenols, extracted from grapes during the processes of vinification, could protect the body cells against reactive oxygen species level increase and could be useful to rescue several pathologies where oxidative stress represents the main cause”. Their research analysed red and white wine, provided by an Italian vinery. Chromatographic and morphofunctional analyses were carried out for polyphenol extraction and their protective effect on human myeloid U937 cells exposed to hydrogen peroxide were evaluated. Both types of wines contained a mix of phenolic compounds with antioxidant properties and their levels decreased, as expected, in white wine. The study observed that wines, in particular red wine, strongly prevent mitochondrial damage and apoptotic cell death. In conclusion, the extracts show a relevant polyphenol content with strong antioxidant properties and abilities to prevent apoptosis. The research findings suggest, for these compounds, a potential role in all pathological conditions where the body antioxidant system is overwhelmed.

Source: Further highlighting on the prevention of oxidative damage by polyphenol-rich wine extracts. Salucci S, Burattini S, Giordano F M, Lucarini S, Diamantini G, and Falcieri E. Journal of Medicinal Food. February 2017, ahead of print. doi:10.1089/jmf.2016.0153.

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