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The effect of resveratrol content in red wine on circulating sex hormone-binding globulin (Jul 2022)
Dietary polyphenols and their role in oxidative stress-induced human diseases (Mar 2022)
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Supplementation with red wine extract increases insulin sensitivity and peripheral blood mononuclear Sirt1 expression in nondiabetic humans (Nov 2020)
Wine or beer? Comparison, changes and improvement of polyphenolic compounds during technological phases (Nov 2020)
Evaluation of anti-inflammatory, anti-platelet and anti-oxidant activity of wine extracts prepared from ten different grape varieties (Nov 2020)
Antioxidant properties of plant polyphenols in the counteraction of alcohol-abuse induced damage: Impact on the Mediterranean diet (Sep 2020)
Younger red wine ‘more beneficial’ than aged wines, study finds (Sep 2020)
Current and future experimental approaches in the study of grape and wine polyphenols interacting gut microbiota (May 2020)
The synergy of resveratrol and alcohol against helicobacter pylori (Mar 2020)
Grape juice or wine: which is the best option? (Jan 2020)
Estimation of wine polyphenols bioaccessibility under different drinking amount and drinking patterns (Jan 2020)
Resveratrol’s potential for new treatment of depression and anxiety (Sep 2019)
Red wine consumption linked to better gut health, study finds (Sep 2019)
The influences of red wine in phenotypes of human cancer cells (June 2019)
How efficient is resveratrol as an antioxidant of the Mediterranean diet, towards alterations during the aging process? (May 2019)
Beer molecules and its sensory and biological properties (May 2019)
Metabolic syndrome, Mediterranean diet, and polyphenols (May 2019)
Cabernet Sauvignon wine polysaccharides attenuate sepsis inflammation and lethality in mice (May 2019)
Comparison between red wine and isolated trans-resveratrol on the prevention and regression of atherosclerosis in LDLr (-/-) mice (Oct 2018)
Wine and olive oil phenolic compounds interaction in humans (Oct 2018)
Does resveratrol retain its antioxidative properties in wine? (July 2018)
Antioxidant and antihypertensive effects of a chemically defined fraction of syrah red (Aug 2017)
Association of flavonoid-rich foods and flavonoids with risk of all-cause mortality (Aug 2017)
Resveratrol – past and present research (Aug 2017)
Molecular mechanism behind the neuroprotective effect of wine compounds (May 2017)
The prevention of oxidative damage by polyphenol-rich wine extracts (Mar 2017)
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Effect of maceration duration on physicochemical characteristics, organic acid, phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity of red wine (Dec 2016)
Red wine polyphenols and their potential to target brain pathology in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease (Oct 2016)
Importance of drinking pattern on the effects of wine on health (July 2016)
Partial dealcoholisation of red wine by nanofiltration and its effect on anthocyanin and resveratrol levels (May 2016)
Resveratrol requires red wine polyphenols for optimum antioxidant activity ? (May 2016)
Flavonoid-rich foods are associated with a reduced risk of erectile dysfunction (Jan 2016)
Polyphenols and glycemic control (Jan 2016)

Effects of resveratrol on memory performance, hippocampal functional connectivity, and glucose metabolism in healthy older adults (June 2014)

Scientists discover new health-enhancing molecules in red wine (Oct 2013)
Too many antioxidants? Resveratrol in pill form blocks many cardiovascular benefits of exercise (Oct 2013)
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Intake of alcohol-free red wine modulates antioxidant enzyme activities in a human intervention study (Sep 2012)
Resveratrol’s ability to boost the body’s cell energy is dependent on gene SIRT1 (May 2012)
Potentially important new mechanisms found for the anti-aging effects of resveratrol, a phenolic compound found in red wine (Feb 2012)
Dietary factors and lung function in the general population: wine and resveratrol intake (Feb 2012)
Young rats given red wine polyphenols show less deterioration in endothelial function with ageing (April 2011)

Wine polyphenols have a variety of beneficial effects on health  (April 2011)              

Evidence that PPAR-gamma is a mechanism for the effects of winepolyphenolics on cardiovascular risk (Jan 2011)
4th Wine and Health Conference, Friuli, Italy 1-4 October 2010 (Nov 2010)
The potential effect of resveratrol – without alcohol on the heart (July 2010)
Animal study suggests resveratrol could protect against ichemic stroke (July 2010)
Estrogen receptor alpha as a key target of red wine polyphenols action on the endothelium (June 2010)
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Steven J. Langford and Gordon J. Troup
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Dr Caroline J. Walker.
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Resveratrol Pill
Beer has similar levels of polyphenols to red wines
Red wine versus white wine - is there a difference in health benefit?
by Dr Philp Norrie MBBS, MSc, MSocSc(Hons)
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