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Alcohol drinking and risk of Parkinson’s disease

Authors of a recent study state that although some epidemiologic studies found inverse associations between alcohol drinking and parkinson’s disease (PD), the majority of studies found no such significant associations. Additionally, there is only limited research into the possible interactions of alcohol intake with aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) 2 activity with respect to PD risk. In teir study the authors examined the relationship between alcohol intake and PD among Japanese subjects using data from a case-control study.
The study included 214 cases within 6 years of PD onset and 327 controls without neurodegenerative disease, the researchers collected information on ‘’peak’’, as opposed to average, alcohol drinking frequency and peak drinking amounts during a subject’s lifetime. Alcohol flushing status was evaluated via questions, as a means of detecting inactive ALHD2. The multivariate model included adjustments for sex, age, region of residence, smoking, years of education, body mass index, alcohol flushing status, presence of selected medication histories, and several dietary factors.
Alcohol intake during peak drinking periods, regardless of frequency or amount, was not associated with PD. When daily ethanol intake was analysed by beverage type, only Japanese sake (rice wine) was significantly associated with PD (adjusted odds ratio of >/= 66.0 g ethanol per day: 3.39). There was no significant interaction of alcohol intake with flushing status in relation to PD risk.
The authors conclude that there were no significant associations between alcohol intake and PD, except for the daily amount of Japanese sake. Effect modifications by alcohol flushing status were not observed.
Source: Alcohol drinking and risk of Parkinson’s disease: a case-control study in Japan Author: Fukushima W; Miyake Y; Tanaka K; Sasaki S; Kiyohara C; Tsuboi Y; Yamada T; et al Journal: BMC Neurology Citation: Vol 10, Art No 111, 2010, 9pp

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