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Alcohol and metabolic syndrome
Association between alcohol consumption and metabolic syndrome in a community-based cohort of Korean adults (May 2017)
Timing and type of alcohol consumption and the metabolic syndrome (October 2016)
Alcohol consumption and metabolic syndrome among Hispanics/Latinos (Juy 2016)
Relationship between alcohol consumption and components of the metabolic syndrome in adult population from Maracaibo City, Venezuela (Feb 2016)
Relationship between alcohol intake and risk factors for metabolic syndrome in men (Jan 2016)
Association of alcohol consumption and components of metabolic syndrome among people in rural China (Apr 2015)
Association between alcohol consumption patterns and metabolic syndrome (July 2014)
Alcohol consumption significantly reduces the incidence of the metabolic syndrome in US men (Oct 2013)

Association between alcohol intake and metabolic syndrome in patients with hypertension (Sept 2011)

The effect of mediterranean diet on metabolic syndrome and its components (June 2011)

Moderate alcohol consumption lowers risk of metabolic diseases in a population with high mean alcohol intake (Jan 2011)
Cross-sectional relationship between alcohol consumption and prevalence of metabolic syndrome in Japanese men and women (Jan 2011)
Moderate regular consumption of alcoholic beverages reduces the risk of developing the metabolic syndrome
Drinking in excess associated with increased risk for Metabolic Syndrome (Sept 2008)
Moderate alcohol consumption is more cardioprotective in men with the metabolic syndrome (Jan 2007)
Alcohol Consumption and the Metabolic Syndrome (June 2005)
Alcohol Consumption and the Prevalence of the Metabolic Syndrome in the US
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