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Lager beer, whether it contains alcohol or not, could help men’s gut microbes (Sep 2022)
Effect of beer consumption on methylation and redox metabolism (Sep 2022)
Age-based differences in quantity and frequency of consumption when screening for harmful alcohol use (Jun 2022)
COVID-19 risk appears to vary across different alcoholic beverage consumption (Apr 2022)
Prospective associations between alcohol consumption and psychological well-being in midlife (March 2022)
Healthy lifestyle score and incidence of glaucoma: The Sun Project (March 2022)
Alcohol intake, beverage type, and lung function (March 2022)
Caffeine and alcohol - Friends or foes of human iron stores? (Jan 2022)
No convincing scientific evidence that hangover cures work (Jan 2022)
Alcohol consumption and risk of inflammatory bowel disease among three prospective US cohorts (Jan 2022)
Association of alcohol drinking and Helicobacter pylori Infection (Jan 2022)
Alcohol consumption and risk of inflammatory bowel disease (Dec 2021)
Physical activity, smoking, alcohol consumption and depressive symptoms among young, early mature and late mature people in China (Dec 2021)
Dealing with previous alcohol exposure among “current non-drinkers” in epidemiologic studies testing the J-shaped curve (Dec 2021)
The increased risk of multiple sclerosis associated with a specific genetic variant and smoking is modified by alcohol consumption (Nov 2021)
Alcohol intake and risk of glioma (Nov 2021)
Intake of fermented milk before drinking alcohol reduces acetaldehyde levels and duration of flushing (Nov 2021)
Alcohol consumption and the risk of rosacea (Oct 2021)
Got beer? A systematic review of beer and exercise (Sep 2021)
Does an acute bout of moderate exercise reduce alcohol craving in university students? (Sep 2021)
New research shows link between gut microbiome and flavonoids in improving blood pressure levels (Sep 2021)
Inflammation, not dehydration, causes hangover (Sep 2021)
Daily experiences of hangover severity and food consumption in young adults (Sep 2021)
Circadian regulation of breath alcohol concentration (July 2021)
Polygenic risk score, healthy lifestyles, and risk of incident depression (March 2021)
The effect of smoking and sex on the association between long-term alcohol consumption and metabolic syndrome (March 2021)
Consistency between self-reported alcohol consumption and biological markers among patients with alcohol use disorder (March 2021)
Alcohol hangover across the lifespan: impact of sex and age (March 2021)
Association of Alcohol Consumption with Cataract Surgery (March 2021)
Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer modulate plasma and macrophage microRNAS differently (Jan 2021)
Grape compounds able to block a key enzyme in the Covid-19 virus (Jan 2021)
Ten years of research on the causes, consequences, and treatment of the alcohol hangover (Dec 2020)
The role of alcohol metabolism in the pathology of alcohol hangover (Nov 2020)
Acute rewarding and disinhibiting effects of alcohol as indicators of drinking habits (Nov 2020)
A healthy lifestyle pattern and the risk of symptomatic gallstone disease (Sep 2020)
Influence of moderate beer consumption on human gut microbiota and its impact on fasting glucose and β-cell function (Sep 2020)
Latent alcohol use patterns and their link to depressive symptomatology in medical care patients (Oct 2020)
Influence of daily beer or ethanol consumption on physical fitness in response to a high-intensity interval training programme (July 2020)
Study explains possible reason why moderate alcohol consumption may lower lupus risk (July 2020)
Scientists discover new repair mechanism for alcohol-induced DNA damage (May 2020)
Male alcohol consumption and fecundability (May 2020)
Does the source of funding of epidemiologic studies on alcohol and health affect their results?   (May 2020)
Study identifies genetic variant that may contribute to alcohol and drug addiction (Jan 2020)
Effects of red wine consumption on gut microbiota that affect health and disease (November 2019)
J-curve association between alcohol intake and varicose veins in Japan (Oct 2019)
Depression and binge-drinking more common among military partners (Oct 2019) 
Sedentary lifestyle for 20 years linked to doubled mortality risk compared to being active (Sep 2019)
The impact of lifetime alcohol and cigarette smoking on multiple sclerosis severity (Aug 2019)
Platelet count in men with a habit of alcohol drinking (Aug 2019)
Changes in the human metabolome associated with alcohol use (June 2019)

A reduced risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) associated with the intake of some alcoholic beverages (May 2019)

Beer or ethanol effects on the body composition response to high-intensity interval training (May 2019)
Cabernet Sauvignon wine polysaccharides attenuate sepsis inflammation and lethality in mice (May 2019)
Grape or grain but never the twain (Mar 2019)
Potential beneficial effects of wine flavonoids on allergic diseases (Jan 2019)
Studies yield new insights into the genetic etiology of tobacco and alcohol use (Jan 2019)

Alcohol consumption can reduce the risk of gallstone disease (Mar 2019)

Reciprocal associations between anxiety, depression, and alcohol use in adolescent girls (Dec 2018)
Alcohol consumption and the risk of gastroesophageal reflux disease (Oct 2018)
Alcohol consumption in adolescence is associated with a lower risk of multiple sclerosis in a Danish cohort (Oct 2018)
The effects of grape and red wine polyphenols on gut microbiota: A systematic review (Oct 2018)
Hops extract activates intestinal bitter taste receptor to impart metabolic benefits (Oct 2018)
The International Meeting on Alcohol and Global Health (Sep 2018)
Relationship of cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption to incidence of systemic lupus erythematosus in the Black Women’s Health Study

(Sep 2018)
Alcohol intake and risk of erectile dysfunction (Sep 2018)
Alcohol consumption and the risk of incident pulmonary embolism (July 2018)
Hunger hormone ghrelin influences alcohol consumption (June 2018)
Tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drug use and progression of chronic kidney disease (June 2018)
The effect of mixed fruit and vegetable juice on alcohol hangovers in healthy adults (May 2018)

Alcohol consumption and incidence of proteinuria (Apr 2018)

Moderate alcohol consumption is associated with reduced pain and fibromyalgia symptoms in chronic pain patients (Apr 2018)

Alcohol consumption is positively associated with handgrip strength among Japanese community-dwelling middle-aged and elderly persons (Apr 2018)

Beer effects on postprandial digestive symptoms and gastroesophagic physiology (Apr 2018)

Some methodologic problems in a recent paper urging changes in drinking guidelines (Apr 2018)
The autoimmune ecology: an update (Mar 2018)
Sex hormones in alcohol consumption: a systematic review of evidence (Jan 2018)

Does AMED consumption have an impact on alcohol consumption, subjective intoxication, or risk-taking behaviour? (Mar 2018)

Regular light to moderate alcohol intake linked to improved lung function (Mar 2018)
Is it the alcohol or other substances in wine that lead to beneficial health effects? (March 2018)
Cardiovascular and cutaneous responses to the combination of alcohol and soft drinks: The way to orthostatic intolerance? (Dec 2017)
The role of smoking and alcohol behaviour in management of functional gastrointestinal disorders (Nov 2017)
The effect of alcohol and red wine consumption on clinical and MRI outcomes in multiple sclerosis (Nov 2017)
Correlates of alcohol consumption among Germans in the second half of life (Oct 2017)
Moderate alcoholic beer consumption: The effects on the lipid profile and insulin sensitivity of adult men (Aug 2017)
The relation of light-to-moderate alcohol consumption to glucose metabolism and insulin resistance in nondiabetic adults (Aug 2017)
Smoking, alcohol and drug use in youth and adults with ADHD (Aug 2017)
Alcohol consumption pattern and risk of Barrett’s oesophagus and erosive oesophagitis (Aug 2017)
Associations between high-risk alcohol consumption and sarcopenia among postmenopausal women (Aug 2017)
Total sleep time, alcohol consumption, and the duration and severity of alcohol hangover (Aug 2017)
Alcohol consumption and the risk of postoperative mortality and morbidity after primary hip or knee arthroplasty (May 2017)
Analgesic effects of alcohol (May 2017)
Candidate genes for alcohol dependence: A genetic association study from India (May 2017)

Future life expectancy in 35 industrialised countries (Mar 2017)

Semen quality and alcohol intake (Jan 2017)
How much of the “health benefits” of alcohol relate to higher socio-economic status of drinkers? Jan 2017
Gene for regulating alcohol consumption identified (Dec 2016)
Moderate alcohol consumption after a mental stressor attenuates the endocrine stress response (Dec 2016)
Alcohol consumption and risk of gallstone disease (Dec 2016)
Beer as a rich source of fluoride delivered into the body (Dec 2016)
Effects of alcohol similar to rapid antidepressants (Dec 2016)
Does physical activity moderate the association between alcohol drinking and all-cause, cancer and cardiovascular diseases mortality (Aug 2016)
Effects of beer, non-alcoholic beer and water consumption before exercise on fluid and electrolyte homeostasis in athletes (July 2016)
Influence of alcohol consumption on the risk of systemic lupus erythematosus among women in the Nurses’ Health Studies (July 2016)
Moderate alcohol use and insulin action in chronic Hepatitis C infection (May 2016)
Alcohol consumption and risk of myelodysplastic syndromes (Feb 2016)
Critique 178: The association of alcohol intake with health-related quality of life (Jan 2016)
Critique 177: A clinical trial testing the effects of alcohol on inflammatory markers (Jan 2016)
Alcohol consumption and the risk of Barrett’s esophagus (Jan 2016)
Association between blood alcohol concentration and mortality in critical illness (Jan 2016)
A global assessment of alcohol and health (Sep 2015)
Effects of IQ on risk of morbidity and mortality related to alcohol consumption (Sep 2015)
Anti-inflammatory effect of white wine in CKD patients and healthy volunteers (Jul 2015)
The association between alcohol consumption and suicidal ideation and suicidal attempt (July 2015)
Genomewide association study for maximum number of alcoholic drinks in European Americans and African Americans (July 2015)
Exploring the motives and mental health correlates of intentional food restriction prior to alcohol use in university students (July 2015)
Different amounts of alcohol consumption and cataract: a meta-analysis (July 2015)
Genetic changes to yeast improves nutrition and could eliminate hangover (Apr 2015)
Alcohol disrupts sleep homeostasis (Apr 2015)
Alcohol consumption is inversely associated with the risk of developing chronic kidney disease (Apr 2015)
Alcohol consumption and the risk for developing pancreatitis: a case-control study in Japan (Apr 2015)
NIH study reveals many Americans at risk for alcohol-medication interactions (Apr 2015)
Drinking pattern and risk of chronic kidney disease – little and often most protective (Feb 2015)
Using smartphone technology to compare in-vivo and retrospective recorded alcohol consumption (Sep 2014)
Disinhibition of olfaction: Human olfactory performance improves following low levels of alcohol (Sep 2014)
Wine and headache (Sep 2014)
Physical activity and occasional drinking found to be associated with decrease in vision impairment risk (Apr 2014)
Light consumption wine might help kidneys stay healthy (May 2014)
Alcohol intake may lower the risk of developing multiple sclerosis (Feb 2014)
How alcohol consumption may interact with genetic factors that relate to health and disease (Feb 2014)

Effects of alcohol mixed with energy drink and alcohol alone on subjective intoxication (Feb 2014)

Does moderate wine consumption lower the risk of developing depression? (Oct 2013)
Alcohol dependence, binge eating, and compensatory behaviours (Sept 2013)
Graves hyperthyroidism and moderate alcohol consumption: evidence for disease prevention (Oct 2013)
Potential association of alcohol consumption with diverticulosis (Aug 2013)
Consumption of some beverages, including beer and wine, may reduce the risk of kidney stones (Aug 2013)
Effects of genetic factors on metabolism of alcohol (Aug 2013)
Alcohol drinking does not affect postoperative surgical site infection or anastomotic leakage (Aug 2013)
Alcohol intake and risk of venous thrombo embolism (June 2013)
Diets of drinkers on drinking and non-drinking days (June 2013)
Relationship between patterns of alcohol consumption and gastrointestinal symptoms among patients with irritable bowel syndrome (June 2013)
Influence of daily alcohol consumption on serum adiponectin levels in men (June 2013)
Alcohol, fibromyalgia, and quality of life (June 2013)
Red wine aids digestion of red meats (Mar 2013)
Moderate alcohol consumption may protect against overt autoimmune hypothyroidism: a population-based case-control study (Jan 2013)

Frequent alcohol drinking is associated with lower prevalence of self-reported common cold: a retrospective study (Jan 2013)

Scientists find gene link to teenage binge drinking (Jan 2013)
The subjective physiological, psychological, and behavioral risk-taking consequences of alcohol and energy drink co-ingestion (Jan 2013)
Dose–response relationship between in-hospital mortality and alcohol following acute injury (Jan 2013)
Effect of dissolved oxygen in alcoholic beverages and drinking water on alcohol elimination in humans (Jan 2013)

Smoking, alcohol consumption, and risk of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Sep 2012)

Cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, and risk of systemic lupus erythematosus (Sep 2012)

Wine intolerance may result in allergy-like symptoms (Sep 2012)
Study suggests that alcohol is linked to slower progression of relapsing onset Multiple Sclerosis (May 2012)
Intake of alcohol and risk of adult-onset asthma (May 2012)
Heavy drinking may impair the body‘s ability to fight off viral infection (Dec 2011)
Moderate alcohol consumption is associated with small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (Dec 2011)
Alcohol and allergic reactions (Dec 2011)
Smoking and heavy drinking leads to increase in women with kidney stones (Dec 2011)
Asthma risk may be reduced by alcohol (Dec 2011)
Red wine: Exercise in a bottle? (Sept 2011)
Overall health effects of alcohol consumption - Comments on a WHO report (Sept 2011)
Heavy alcohol consumption can hinder the restorative function of sleep (Sept 2011)
Types of alcohol in relation to acute pancreatitis (Sept 2011)
The association of alcohol drinking with migraine headache (Sept 2011)
Response to alcohol’s effects predicts future drinking problems (June 2011)
Effects of a large reduction in alcohol prices on mortality in Finland (June 2011)          
Gene associated with alcohol consumption indentified (June 2011)  
Genes found to relate to level of alcohol consumption among Asians (May 2011)  
Chronic pancreatitis and alcohol (May 2011)
Short life span for long-life-span resveratrol? By Harvey E. Finkel, MD (Mar 2011)
Alcohol consumption decreases with the development of disease (Jan 2011)
Alcohol consumption affects risk of cataracts (Jan 2011)
Alcohol consumption and kidney function decline in the elderly: alcohol and kidney disease (June 2010)
Rice could be responsible for Asian’s alcohol flush reaction
Obesity, hypertension, alcohol and diuretic use - gout risk factors for women 
Daily consumption of alcoholic beverages may lower risk of benign prostate enlargement
Alcohol Abstainers may be at higher risk of depression
White wines may damage to teeth more than reds
Alcohol disrupts body clock and sleep, study demonstrates
Drinkers exercise more than non-drinkers
Alcohol consumption and chronic atrophic gastritis
Effect of drinking on adiponectin in healthy men and women
Moderate alcohol consumption may protect against gallstones
Cider and Health - a historic overview by Dr Erik Skovenborg
Heavy metal ions in wines: meta analysis of target quotients reveal health risks
Researchers link gene mutations to risk of gout
Alcohol drinking and risk of hospitalisation for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Adverse reactions to wine
Alcohol attributable fractions for England
UNC study ties ending moderate drinking to depression
What happens when red wine meets red meat
Medical science changes its mind By Harvey E. Finkel, MD
Drinking alcohol daily reduces risk of prostate enlargement
Combining alcohol with sleep restriction can affect young men’s alertness and performance behind the wheel
Do we need the alcohol in our wine? by Harvey E. Finkel, MD
Moderate alcohol consumption make be beneficial for lung function
Bariatric surgery can make people more sensitive to alcohol
The effect of alcohol on aggression
Eating fish especially important for heavy drinkers
Gene mutation may raise the risk of alcoholism
Ozone preserves antioxidants and offers an alternative to sulphur dioxide as a preservative in wine
Resveratrol; EPR and Antioxidant Efficiency Studies
Frontline NHS staff should be trained to tackle alcohol misuse in UK
Scan of human genome may provide important new tools for prevention and treatment of alcoholism
Break through in auto immune disease treatment research
Age of onset and risk of alcohol dependence
Rising alcohol levels in wine - is this a cause for concern?
Alcohol and decision making
Sleep hormone in wine
Alcohol users with hepatitis often untreated
Energy drinks and alcohol make dangerous equation
Type of mixer in spirits affects alcohol absorption
Beverage preference and diet by Erik Skovenberg
Drinking or playing? Men's health and masculinity
Risk attitudes and consequences of college drinking>
US researcher collaborate on genetics of alcoholism research
The magic bullet?
Red wine and gum diseases
More than a third of cancer deaths worldwide could be prevented by changing people’s behaviour and their environment
Inverse relationship between current moderate alcohol consumption and helicobacter pylori infection
Alcohol and bacteria - a new risk by Harvey E Finkel MD
Alcohol's benefit to essential tremor patients
Wine therapy: your good health - EBC Congress address by Jo Williamson
U-shaped curve confirmed for alcohol and all-cause mortality for men over 35, but not for younger men
Beer may Raise Gout Risk, Wine May Not
J-shaped Curve for all cause Mortality for Moderate Drinkers Confirmed by Comprehensive 23 year Study
Alcohol and Health - The Current Picture
The importance of Drinking at Mealtimes
Can Histamine in Wine Cause Adverse Reactions for Consumers
Study Finds Heavy Drinking Linked to Higher Ischemic Stroke Risk
WHO's Hijacking Responsible Drinking
Alcohol and Red Meat Raise Colitis Relapse Risk
Can Moderate Wine Consumption Prevent Genetic Damage?
Copper in Wines: Neglected Effects?
Pancreatitis Linked to Increased Alcohol Consumption
Drinking and the Immune System
Study Identifies Genetics of Fat Metabolism, Red Wine Link
In Vino Longaevitas?
60% of U.S Adults Drink 23% Smoke, 25% Teetotal
Poor Diet and Lack of Exercise Could Soon Overtake Tobacco as Leading Cause of Death in the US
Addiction and Eating Disorders are Linked
Red Wine Acts as an Antibiotic
Does Alcohol and Sport Sponsorship Go Together?
Alcohol and Sleep by Dr. Erik Skovenborg
Red Wine Could Be Good for Your Lungs - new study
Work Stress & Alcohol
Moderate Drinkers earn more
Red Wine and Smoking
By Harvey E. Finkel, M.D
Review of Annals of New York Academy of Sciences Vol 957
by Dr.Philip Norrie
Industry under threat? Self regulation and social responsibility
What don't we know about alcohol?
Should alcohol be used as a medication?
Alcohol and Heliobacter pylori
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