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Alcohol and Cardiovascular Disease
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Does statin use modify potential beneficial effects of moderate alcohol consumption on cardiovascular risk? (Nov 2022)

Alcohol and cardiovascular diseases—consumption pattern and dose (Oct 2022)

Meta-analysis of alcohol consumption and venous thromboembolism (Sep 2022)

Red wine improves cardiovascular function and oxidative stress of the hypertensive-SHR and diabetic-STZ rats (Sep 2022)

Moderate alcohol use is associated with reduced cardiovascular risk in middle-aged men (Sep 2022)

Longitudinal associations between alcohol intake and arterial stiffness, pressure wave reflection, and inflammation (Jun 2022)

Alcohol consumption and arterial stiffness (Mar 2022)

The intake of flavonoids, stilbenes, and tyrosols is associated with lower carotid and femoral subclinical atherosclerosis and coronary calcium (Mar 2022)

Dietary patterns, dietary nutrients and cardiovascular disease (Jan 2022)
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Long-term wine consumption is related to cardiovascular mortality and life expectancy independently of moderate alcohol intake
Genetics can mediate vulnerability to alcohol’s effects during pregnancy
Support network may play role in benefits of drinking - Heart risks are found to be less pronounced in highly social men
Alcohol consumption and n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in healthy men and women from 3 European populations
Alcohol drinking and cardiovascular risk in a population with high mean alcohol consumption
Alcohol's impact on heart and stroke risk may differ for men and women
Teetotallers who begin to drink reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease
More on red wine’s healthfulness By Harvey E. Finkel, M.D
SUMMARY PAPER - Alcohol and cardiovascular diseases: A historical review and 2005 updateBy Arthur L. Klatsky
Alcohol and cardiovascular diseases: A historical review and 2005 update By Arthur L. Klatsky
The combined influence of leisure-time physical activity and weekly alcohol intake on fatal ischaemic heart disease and all-cause mortality
Wine,alcohol and cardiovascular risk: an epidemiological perspective presented by G. de Gaetano at Winehealth 2007
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A Mediterranean diet, red wine and haemostatic cardiovascular risk factors
In light drinkers, a moderate increase in Consumption may lower the risk of CVD
Moderate drinking and cardiovascular health
Alcohol consumption and risk of heart failure in the Physicians' health study
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