Section last updated: February 15, 2019
Alcohol and Cholesterol
Alcohol pattern consumption differently affects the efficiency of macrophage reverse cholesterol transport in vivo (Dec 2018)
Longitudinal study of alcohol consumption and HDL concentrations (May 2017)
Moderate alcohol intake may slow good cholesterol’s decline (Dec 2016)
Metabolic and biochemical effects of low-to-moderate alcohol consumption (Jan 2013)
Inverse association between triglycerides-to-HDL-cholesterol ratio and alcohol drinking in middle-aged japanese men (November 2012)

Lifestyle change and high-density lipoprotein change (May 2012)

Alcohol volume, not drinking frequency, increases plasma high-density lipoprotein sub-class particle concentration
Lowering cholestrol lowers women's stroke risk
New cholesterol fighter found in red wine
Researchers link red wine to good cholesterol
Alcohol linked to insulin sensitivity, resulting in higher HDL-cholesterol levels
Lifestyle Determinants of High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol
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