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Alcohol consumption and risk of second heart attack and death in patients with existing heart disease or diabetes

Researchers investigated the relation between alcohol consumption and specific vascular events and mortality in a high risk population of patients with clinical manifestations of vascular disease and diabetes. 
Patients with clinically manifest vascular disease or diabetes (n=5447) from the SMART study were followed for cardiovascular events and mortality. Alcohol consumption was assessed with a baseline questionnaire and analysed in relation with coronary heart disease (CHD), amputations, stroke, and all-cause and vascular death
After a follow up of 4.7 years, there were 262 documented cases of CHD, 187 cases of stroke,  79 amputations and 641 cases of all cause death, of which 382 were vascular. In multivariate-adjusted models, alcohol consumption was inversely associated with CHD and stroke with respective hazard ratios of 0.39 and 0.67 for consuming 10-20 drinks/ week compared with abstainers. Authors observed a significant U-shaped association between alcohol consumption and amputations, all-cause death, and vascular death.  
The authors conclude that moderate alcohol consumption (1-2 drinks/day) is not only associated with a reduced risk of vascular and all-cause death in a high risk patients with clinical manifestations of vascular disease, but also with reduced risks of non-fatal events like CHD, stroke and possibly amputations.
Source: Alcohol consumption and risk of recurrent cardiovascular events and mortality in patients with clinically manifest vascular disease and diabetes mellitus: the Second Manifestations of ARTerial (SMART) disease study.  Beulens JW; Algra A; Soedamah Muthu SS; Visseren FL; Grobbee DE; van der Graaf Y. Atherosclesosis.

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