Section last updated: Apr 2022
Stroke & Alcohol
The key to Cardiac health?
By Harvey E. Finkel, M.D.
The effect of drinking frequency on stroke risk (Jun 2022)
Protective effect of low-dose alcohol consumption against post-ischemic neuronal apoptosis (Jan 2022)
Association between alcohol consumption and the risk of stroke in middle-aged and older adults in China (Dec 2021)
Factors associated with stroke among patients with type 2 diabetes (Oct 2021)
Recommendations of the Spanish Society of Neurology for the prevention of stroke: Interventions on lifestyle and air pollution (July 2021)
Alcohol consumption and stroke risk in men in China (July 2021)
Effects of alcohol consumption on risk of stroke and systemic embolism among subjects with atrial fibrillation (March 2021)
Can avoiding inflammatory foods lower CVD and stroke risk? (Dec 2020)
Drinking patterns and risk of ischemic stroke in middle-aged adults: Do beneficial drinking habits indeed exist? (Nov 2020)
Alcohol intake in relation to non-fatal and fatal coronary heart disease and stroke: EPIC-CVD case-cohort study (June 2018)
Effect of low-dose alcohol consumption on inflammation following transient focal cerebral ischemia in rats (Nov 2017)
Alcohol consumption and incident stroke among older adults (Mar 2016)
Differing association of alcohol consumption with different stroke types: a systematic review and meta analysis (Dec 2016)
The association of reported alcohol intake with the risk of subarachnoid hemorrhage: A meta-analysis (Nov 2016)
A meta-analysis shows that light alcohol consumption is associated with a reduced risk of stroke, while heavier drinking may increase risk (June 2014)
Moderate drinking associated with lower risk of stroke in women (May 2012)
Impact of a healthy lifestyle on all-cause and cardiovascular mortality after stroke  (Feb 2012)
Alcohol consumption and risk of stroke in women (Jan 2011)
Binge drinking increases death risk in men with high blood pressure (Nov 2010)
Alcohol consumption and the risk of morbidity and mortality for different stroke types - a systematic review and meta-analysis (Oct 2010)
Alcohol and acute ischemic stroke onset (Oct 2010)
Animal study suggests resveratrol could protect against ichemic stroke 
Any potential beneficial effect of moderate alcohol consumption on stroke risk appears to be negated if individuals also smoke
Binge drinking may raise stroke risk
Study confirms J shaped curve for alcohol consumption and stroke risk
Lowering cholestrol lowers women's stroke risk
Red wine may help prevent stroke damage
Healthy lifestyle reduces women's ischemic stroke risk
Healthy lifestyle reduces women’s stroke risk
Alcohol and Stroke
Coffee and alcohol for stroke victims
Modest Alcohol Consumption Tempers stroke risk in young women
National Stroke association consensus statement
Moderate Drinking reduces the risk of stroke
Alcohol consumption and stroke
Convincing Evidence of research on strokes
Protective effect of moderate alcohol consumption against ischaemic stroke
Alcohol and stroke
by Elizabeth Holmgrem of the Wine Institute
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