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The Heart and Alcohol
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Alcohol consumption and risk of ventricular arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death (Mar 2022)
Alcohol intake and bradyarrhythmia risk (Mar 2022)
The effects of moderate alcohol consumption on circulating metabolites and gut microbiota in patients with coronary artery disease
Study of 18000+ US and Australian older people reveals moderate drinking protective against heart disease, more than for teetotallers (Nov 2021)
Alcohol lowers risk of heart disease by helping us relax, says study (May 2021)
Moderate consumption of beer and its effects on cardiovascular and metabolic health (Mar 2021)
Cardioprotective effect of red wine and grape pomace (Jan 2021)
Design and methods for a randomised trial of moderate alcohol consumption and cardiometabolic risk (Dec 2020)
Endothelial function is preserved in light to moderate alcohol drinkers but is impaired in heavy drinkers (Dec 2020)
Alcohol, cancer, and mortality: Further affirmation of the J-shaped curve for mortality and increase in incidence of cancer with larger intake of alcohol (July 2018)
Light-moderate alcohol consumption and left ventricular function among healthy, middle-aged adults (May 2018)
Alcohol consumption and cardiorespiratory fitness in five population-based studies
Alcohol consumption and mortality in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft (Dec 2016)
Five year change in alcohol intake and risk of breast cancer and coronary heart disease among postmenopausal women (July 2016)
Association of alcohol consumption with coronary artery disease severity (July 2016)
Wine consumption reduced postprandial platelet sensitivity against platelet activating factor in healthy men (May 2016)
A U-shaped relationship between alcohol consumption and cardio metabolic index in middle-aged men (May 2016)
What determines a person’s belief that “alcohol is heart-healthy?”(July 2015)
A new meta-analysis on the relation of alcohol consumption to the risk of ischemic heart disease (November 2014)

Alcohol, caffeine and sudden cardiac death (Aug 2013)

Is ADH1C genotype relevant for the cardio protective effect of alcohol? (March 2013)

Important study reaffirms message of little and often rather than occasional drinking or binge drinking as cardio protective for both men and women (Sep 2012)

Lowering the alcohol content of red wine does not alter its cardioprotective properties (Sep 2012)

Alcohol dosing and the heart: updating clinical evidence (May 2012)

Heart healthy choices in your 20s pay off in middle age (May 2012)

Heavy drinking occasions in relation to ischaemic heart disease mortality (Dec 2011)
What place, if any, does information on cardioprotective effects of moderate alcohol use have in safer drinking guidelines? (Dec 2011)

Light to moderate drinking linked to fewer heart problems in male bypass patients (Jan 2011)
Women drinking moderately have reduced risk of sudden cardiac death (Nov 2010)
The potential effect of resveratrol – without alcohol on the heart (Jul 2010)
Overview of the 5th International Wine & Heart Health Summit 2009
  Relation between modifiable lifestyle factors and lifetime risk of heart failure
Alcohol in moderation, cardioprotection, and neuroprotection: Epidemiological considerations and mechanistic studies
Cardioprotective effect comparison of red and white wines
Enzyme may reduce heart damage
One drink is relaxing to circulation, but two drinks are stressful
Relationship of alcohol consumption and type of alcoholic beverage consumed with plasma lipid levels: Differences between whites and African-Americans
Drinking alcohol may keep leg arteries healthy
Moderate alcohol consumption is associated with improved endothelial function
'Mitochondrial Complex I - Regulated alteration of carbohydrate oxidation and energy metabolites reduces ischemia-reperfusion injury in hearts from mice exposed to moderate ethanol intake
Red wine consumption increases circulating endothelial progenitor cells and improves endothelial function in obese type II diabetics
A drink with meals lowers blood sugar afterward
The effect of consuming different alcoholic beverages in conjuction with a fat enriched diet
Alcohol intake may boost aneurysm risk
Red wine induces a prolonged reduction in plasma viscosity
Is drinking safe for patients on warfarin or statins
Moderate alcohol consumption associated with significantly lower rates of cardiac events and longer survival, independent of its anti-inflammatory effect
Alcohol Use Decreases Platelet Activation and Aggregation in Men
Medically, is wine just another alcoholic beverage? revisited by Creina Stockley, The Australian Wine Research Institute
A reminder about resveratrol by Dr Phil Norrie
Moderate alcohol consumption can act as a ‘blood thinner’
Alcohol abuse in Russia
The importance of folate intake for moderate drinkers
Cardiovascular Properties of Red Wine
Study Isolates Role of Polyphenols in Isolation from Alcohol
Resveratrol May Bring Further Cardiac Benefits
Effects of Red and White Wine in Endothelial Function
Alcohol and Athersclerosis Progression
Moderate Drinking can Benefit Heart Patients
Red Wine has Different Effect on Platelets the other Alcoholic Drinks
Alcohol Helpful after Stenting
Cardioprotective Effects of Alcohol
Alcohol Helpful after Stenting
The Importance of Diet in Conjunction with Wine Consumption by Creina S. Stockley
A drink a day improves overall heart health
The key to Cardiac health?
By Harvey E. Finkel, M.D.
Potential cardiovascular benefits of moderate wine consumption
by Creina Stockley, The Australian Wine Research Institute
2% fewer deaths in a drinking population
Gene may be the key to heart benefits of alcohol in moderation
American Heart Association Drinking Guidelines
by Creina Stockley
Gene which determines the rate at which the body breaks down alcohol may be the key to heart benefits of moderate drinking
"Wine, the Mediterranean Diet, and Health: Does New Research Indicate a Need to Modify Current Dietary Guidelines?"
R. Curtis Ellison, MD
Researchers closer to understanding 'French paradox'
XXVth World Congress of the Office Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin (OIV)
by Creina Stockley
Beer, Vitamin B6 and the heart
How Moderate Drinking Reduces cardiac risk
Alcohol protects Japanese men
Red wine versus white wine - is there a difference in health benefit?
by Dr Philp Norrie
The French Paradox explained by the time lag theory
by Dr Philip Norrie
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