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LATEST ARTICLES from AIM DIgest (up to August Edition 2020)

Smoking, alcohol consumption, and cancer
Alcohol drinking and bladder cancer risk from a pooled analysis of ten cohort studies in Japan
Healthy behaviours at age 50 years and frailty at older ages in a 20-year follow-up of the UK Whitehall II cohort
Light alcohol drinking and the risk of cancer development: a controversial relationship
Alcohol consumption and health in ageing
Long-term low-dose ethanol intake improves healthspan and resists high-fat diet-induced obesity in mice
The effect of alcohol on blood pressure
The effect of smoking on the association between long-term alcohol consumption and dyslipidemia in a middle-aged and older population
Alcohol drinking reduces the risk of chronic kidney damage: A meta-analysis of 15 prospective cohort studies
Mediterranean diet, alcohol-drinking pattern and their combined effect on all-cause mortality
Association of low to moderate alcohol drinking with cognitive functions from middle to older age among US adults
Four in 10 dementia cases could be prevented or delayed
Alcohol consumption and the risk of prostate cancer
Changes in excessive alcohol use among older women across the menopausal transition
Lifestyle behaviour in the Seguimiento Universidad De Navarra (SUN) Cohort linked to lower risk of diabetes and total mortality
Wine consumption and oral cavity cancer: Friend or foe, two faces of Janus
Cognitive aptitudes of young women may be more affected with high alcohol use than men
Study identifies possible reason why moderate alcohol consumption may lower lupus risk
Midlife alcohol consumption and longitudinal brain atrophy: The PREVENT dementia study
Healthy lifestyle and the risk of Alzheimer dementia
Are hazardous drinkers more impulsive than light drinkers? A comprehensive assessment in young adults
A meta-analysis of the effects of beer consumption on cardiovascular health
Association of alcohol intake with incidence and progression of diabetic retinopathy
Effects of low ethanol consumption on nonalcoholic steatohepatitis in mice
Alcohol consumption and risk of hospitalisations and mortality in the atherosclerosis risk in communities (ARIC) study
Influence of daily beer or ethanol consumption on physical fitness in response to a high-intensity interval training programme
Binge drinking and depressive symptoms among adolescents in the US
Adherence to a Mediterranean-style eating pattern and risk of diabetes in a U.S. prospective cohort study
Alcohol consumption and risk of Parkinson’s disease
Association of healthy lifestyle with years lived without major chronic diseases
Alcohol Use and the development of periodontal pockets
Traumatic brain injury and alcohol intoxication: Effects on injury patterns and short-term outcome
Drinking or smoking while breastfeeding and later developmental health outcomes in children
Alcohol use and cognitive functioning in young adults: improving causal inference
Long-term dietary flavonoid intake and risk of Alzheimer disease and related dementias in the Framingham Offspring Cohort
A key brain region for regulating binge-like alcohol consumption identified in mice
Alcohol consumption and risk for venous thromboembolism: a meta-analysis of prospective studies
Urinary Ethyl glucuronide as measure of alcohol consumption and risk of cardiovascular disease
LATEST REVIEWS from International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research
Critique 242:  The relation of light alcohol consumption to the risk of common cancers  –    1 October 2020
Critique 241:  A Mendelian randomization study of alcohol consumption and the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer reveals no significant associations — 22 July 2020
Critique 240:  Are there health risks from amounts of alcohol referred to as being within “low-risk drinking” guidelines?   —   8 July 2020
Critique 239:  Does the source of funding of epidemiologic studies on alcohol and health affect their results?     28 May 2020
Critique 238:  Differences in evaluating confounding in epidemiologic studies when judging the effects of alcohol consumption on the risk of cardiovascular disease –  7 April 2020
Critique 237: Relation of alcohol consumption in the elderly to the chances of reaching 90 years of age: February 2020
Critique 236.  Reasons for apparently diverse results from epidemiologic studies relating alcohol consumption to the risk of breast cancer  19 February 2020
Critique 235:  Does type of alcohol or drinking pattern explain greater adverse effects of alcohol consumption among lower socio-economic subjects?    15 January 2020
Critique 234:  Effects of red wine consumption on gut microbiota that affect health and disease – 14 November 2019
Critique 233:  The relation of alcohol consumption to the development of dementia, with very extensive evaluations of the latter – 7 November 2019
Critique 232:  Does moderate drinking of alcohol in later life reduce the risk of mortality?  3 September 2019
Critique 231:  Association of alcohol consumption with obesity: Does moderate drinking increase or decrease the risk of obesity? 20 August 2019
Alcohol and the liver by Helena Conibear (Aug 2019)
Critique 230:  An extensive review of the role of dietary constituents (foods, nutrients, and beverages) in the development of diabetes
Critique 229:  A J-shaped curve for the relation of alcohol consumption to the risk of colorectal cancer — 10 July 2019
Steps to Refine the “J-Shaped Curve” by R. Curtis Ellison, MD
Critique 227: A reduced risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) associated with the intake of some alcoholic beverages (May 2019)
Critique 226:Consumption of red wine may lower the risk of lethal prostate cancer —-   16 May 2019
Critique 225:  Moderate alcohol consumption may lower the risk of chronic kidney disease  -  8 April 2019
Critique 224: A brief summary of the association between wine/alcohol consumption and health in diabetics - 12 March 2019
Critique 223: A new major review of the relation of alcohol consumption to the risk of dementia - 17 January 2019
Critique 222. A new analysis relating alcohol intake to coronary heart disease – 20 December 2018
Critique 221: The relation of alcohol intake to stomach cancer – 20 November 2018
Critique 220: An unusual analysis relating alcohol intake to mortality – October 16, 2018
Critique 219: A global overview of alcohol consumption and health – 3 September 2018
Critique 218: Long-term study of alcohol intake and the risk of Alzheimer Disease or other types of dementia – 21 August 2018
Critique 217: Alcohol, cancer, and mortality: Further affirmation of the J-shaped curve for mortality and increase in incidence of cancer with larger intake of alcohol – 9 July 2018
Critique 216: Strong effects of five lifestyle factors on risk of mortality and longevity of life – 31 May 2018
Critique 215: Long-term effects of smoking and moderate drinking on the quality and longevity of life of elderly women — 9 May 2018
Critique 214: Some methodologic problems in a recent paper urging changes in drinking guidelines – 23 April 2018
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