Page last updated: February 2015
To Drink or not to drink: That is the question

In an article published in the December edition of Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, Emanuel Rubin argues the case for recommending the introduction of moderate alcohol consumption to the diets of current abstainers, based on its beneficial effects on all cause mortality. He concludes “The strongest evidence for a beneficial effect of moderate alcohol intake is the documented reduction in all cause mortality and cardiovascular disease. Indeed, the protection against coronary artery disease is comparable to that produced by the administration of statins.

In this context, alcoholic beverages do not require a prescription, are far cheaper, and are certainly more enjoyable. Although a physician’s advice to a patient should always be individualized, including a consideration of a person’s genetic background, the overwhelming evidence suggests that physicians should counsel lifelong nondrinkers at about 40 to 50 years of age to relax and take a drink a day, preferably with dinner”.

Source: To Drink or Not to Drink: That Is the Question. Emanuel Rubin. Alcoholism: Clinical And Experimental Research. Vol. 38, No. 12. December 2014.
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