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Moderate wine consumption may help boost women's health
In a report from Spain, researchers at the University of Barcelona evaluated the effects of moderate consumption of red and white wine - 6.8 ounces, or two glasses a day - in 35 non-smoking Spanish women, average age 38.

Each woman drank the recommended “dose” of either white or red wine for four-week periods, with a four-week dry period separating each round of study.

“The data showed that, in comparison with the baseline period, consumption of both red and white wines increased serum [blood] HDL cholesterol, which suggests a cardio-protective effect,” said the report.

“Similarly, serum concentrations of interleukin-6 and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (both markers of chronic inflammation), decreased significantly after both wine ingestion periods”.

Other markers of cardiac health were affected “in a healthy way” by red wine a little more than by white wine, the researchers added. The study provides, “scientifically rigorous evidence” that moderate wine consumption helps keep the heart healthy by preventing low-grade inflammation in women, the Spanish team concluded.

Dr. R. Curtis Ellison, professor of medicine and public health at Boston University comments: “This continues to add to many other studies by showing the mechanisms by which both red and white wine help prevent heart disease, when you give women a glass and a half of wine each day, you have considerable effects on improving inflammation, a little more for red wine than for white.”

Source: Down-regulation of adhesion molecules and other inflammatory biomarkers after moderate wine consumption in healthy women: a randomized trial Am. J. Clinical Nutrition, Nov 2007; 86: 1463 - 1469.

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