Page last updated: Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Moderate drinking could strengthen bones
Moderate alcohol consumption appears to be associated with a lower risk of hip fractures and improved bone density although heavy drinking is a risk factor for osteoporosis and other bone-related problem according to the research of Karina Berg, MD of Montefiore Medical Center New York.

After reviewing 13 studies on alcohol and hip fracture risk, the study concluded that people who had less than 0.5 drinks a day had a 16% reduced risk of hip fracture, compared to people who didn’t drink at all. When alcohol consumption increased to 0.5 to one drink per day, the risk of hip fracture was reduced by 20%. Those consuming one to two drinks daily had a 9% reduction in hip fracture risk, while those who drank more than two drinks a day increased their risk of hip fracture by 39%.

Source: Berg, K.M, American Journal of Medicine, May 2008; vol 121: pp 406-418.

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