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A report by Dr Erik Skovenborg on the 2nd Alcohol and Health Symposium, Sweden.
The Scandinavian Medical Alcohol Board(SMAB) hosted the conference in Stockholm on October 30th 1998 at which some of the leading scientists in the field of alcohol and health discussed important issues about alcohol and womens' health.

Dr Luc Letenneur, France, presented his findings on alcohol and dementia. His team studied 3.675 initially non-demented elderly subjects over 8 years. 2,913 participated in the follow up in which subjects were divided between non-drinkers (reference group), mild drinkers (1-2 units per day), moderate drinkers (3-4 units daily) and heavy drinkers. During the 8 year period, there were 278 cases of dementia including 198 cases of Alzheimer's disease. Moderate cosumption of wine was associated with a significantly lower risk of dementia.

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