Page last updated: Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Older drinkers more affected by alcohol
New research from the University of Kentucky suggests that older social drinkers become intoxicated faster than younger social drinkers and even small amounts of alcohol may affect older adults more than younger adults.

The researchers tested individuals ages 50-74 and 25-35 on visual-motor coordination, planning, and the ability to move from one thought to the next, after giving them enough alcohol to reach the same blood-alcohol content.

Each person took the test twice; once 25 minutes after drinking, and again 75 minutes after drinking. The researchers found that the older adults performed worse on the first test than the younger adults, even though the older adults said they did not feel drunk.

Source: Effects of Acute Alcohol Consumption in Older and Younger Adults: Perceived Impairment Versus Psychomotor Performance Rebecca Gilbertson, Natalie A. Ceballos, Robert Prather, Sara Jo Nixon Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs

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