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Alcohol consunption and stroke
Spanish researcher M Caicoya and colleagues in a recent issue of the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, reported finding a J-shaped relation between alcohol and stroke, noting that consumption of less than 30 grams per day resulted in a 42% reduction. The authors wrote, "We found that consumption of less than 30g/day of alcohol was protective against all stroke types combined," and stated specifically that alcohol was protective against "all cerebral infarction combined, cortical infarction," and was "borderline protective" against "deep cerebral infarction." Despite finding a slightly decreased odds ratio, researchers noted that "low doses of alcohol are not associated with a reduced risk of hemorrhagic stroke."

Source: Caicoya M, et al. Alcohol and stroke: A community case-control study in Asturias, Spain. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 1999; 52(7): 677-684.

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