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National Stroke association cosensus staement
The National Stroke Association (NSA) published a multidisciplinary consensus statement in 1999. In an open forum, members of the NSA's Stroke Advisory Board agrred upon six key risk factors and four lifestyle factors that contribute to strokes. Alcohol was listed as a lifestyle factor, the board stated 'Since some ingestion of alcohol, perhaps up to two drinks 914g) a day, may actually help reduce the risk of stroke, drinking in moderation should be recommended for those who drink alcohol and have no health contraindications to alcohol use. However, those who do not drink should not be encouraged to do so'. The report concluded with the statement that 'recommendations should be applied and tailored to the individual patient by the treating physician'

Source: Gorelick P et al. Prevention of first stroke - a review of guidelines and a multidisciplinary consensus statement from the National Stroke Association. Journal of the American Medical Association: 1999:281:12.

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