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Alcohol & Pregnancy
SUMMARY PAPER: The safe use of alcohol during pregnancy by Creina Stockley of the Australian Wine Research institute
Periconceptual and prenatal alcohol consumption and neurodevelopment at age two and five years (Sep 2022)
Smoking, alcohol and coffee consumption and pregnancy loss (Oct 2021)
Alcohol and tobacco use while breastfeeding and risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder or ADHD (Aug 2021)
Drinking alcohol is linked to reduced chances of pregnancy (July 2021)
Should fertile women quit drinking alcohol to produce better quality oocytes? (March 2021)
Association between tobacco and/or alcohol consumption during pregnancy and infant development (Jan 2021)
Alcohol consumption and female fecundability (Oct 2020)
Drinking or smoking while breastfeeding and later developmental health outcomes in children (May 2020)
Lack of association between maternal periconceptional alcohol consumption and neural tube defects (Jan 2020)
The association of prenatal alcohol exposure on the cognitive abilities and behaviour profiles of 4-year-old children (Oct 2019)
Light drinking during pregnancy: Social advantages explain positive correlates with child and early adolescent adjustment (Sep 2019)
Low-to-moderate alcohol consumption and success in fertility treatment (Aug 2019)
Low-moderate prenatal alcohol exposure and offspring attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (June 2019)
Effects on birth weight and risk of preterm birth of light-to-moderate drinking during pregnancy (Jan 2018)
Alcohol binge drinking in early pregnancy and the effect on fetal growth (Mar 2017)
Alcohol consumption in a general antenatal population and child neurodevelopment at 2 years (Dec 2017)
Effects on birth weight and risk of preterm birth of light-to-moderate drinking during pregnancy (Nov 2017)
Research indicates that moderate alcohol consumption by breastfeeding causes no harm to the baby (Nov 2017)
Low alcohol consumption and pregnancy and childhood outcomes (Oct 2017)
Dietary patterns and alcohol consumption during pregnancy (May 2017)
Ethylglucuronide in the urine as a marker of alcohol consumption during pregnancy (May 2017)
Alcohol consumption by breastfeeding mothers: frequency, correlates and infant outcomes (May 2017)
Early pregnancy awareness may be more effective than promoting alcohol abstinence (Apr 2017)
Biomarkers for the detection of prenatal alcohol exposure (Jan 2017)
Alcohol consumption and fecundability: prospective Danish cohort study (Dec 2016)
Blood test may help identify infants at risk for foetal alcohol spectrum disorders(Nov 2016)

The association of pre-pregnancy alcohol drinking with child neuropsychological functioning (Feb 2016)

Alcohol consumption among first-time mothers and the risk of preterm birth: a cohort study (Jan 2016)
Maternal alcohol consumption before and during pregnancy and the risks of congenital heart defects in offspring (Jul 2015)
Maternal alcohol use during pregnancy and offspring trajectories of height and weight (Apr 2015)
Low-to-moderate prenatal alcohol consumption and the risk of selected birth outcome (Feb 2015)
Alcohol intake prior to and during pregnancy and birth outcomes (May 2014)
Prospective study of maternal alcohol intake and risk of childhood asthma (Feb 2014)
Risk factors of miscarriage - Study estimates a quarter could be prevented (Feb 2014)
Link between binge drinking in pregnancy and small babies (Oct 2013)

The effect of drinking alcohol during pregnancy on balance ability in childhood (Aug 2013)

The effects of low to moderate alcohol consumption and binge drinking in early pregnancy on behaviour in 5-year-old children (Aug 2013)
Prenatal alcohol exposure and educational achievement in children Aged 8–9 Years (Aug 2013)
Preterm birth and small for gestational age in relation to alcohol consumption during pregnancy: stronger associations among vulnerable women? (Jul 2013)
Light drinking versus abstinence in pregnancy – behavioural and cognitive outcomes in 7-year-old children (June 2013)

Low/moderate drinking in early pregnancy and effects on children aged 5 (Sep 2012)

Study finds alcohol consumption most damaging in late first trimester of pregnancy (Feb 2012)
Multiple maternal risk factors for fetal alcohol disorders (Sep 2011)
Many women still smoking and drinking in pregnancy in Ireland (May 2011)
New data on the effects of alcohol during pregnancy (Nov 2010)
Prenatal alcohol exposure and risk of birth defects (Nov 2010)
Low–moderate prenatal alcohol exposure and risk to child behavioural development: a prospective cohort study (Aug 2010)
Timing of heavy alcohol consumption in pregnancy has different effects on child behaviour problems
Detailed analysis of International research concerning alcohol consumption during pregnancy and breast feeding
Couples should avoid drinking alcohol during fertility treatment, study finds
Genetics can mediate vulnerability to alcohol’s effects during pregnancy
Is UK medical advice on prenatal alcohol use really accurate?
Heavy and binge drinking during pregnancy increases risk of preterm birth
Light drinking in pregnancy offers little harm to unborn children
Pregnant women who binge drink risk stillbirth
Little evidence that occasional binge drinking while pregnant seriously harms fetus
Prenatal alcohol exposure and attention, learning and intellectual ability
Targetted interventions for 'at risk' may cut risk of drinking in pregnancy
Gene mutation protects fetus from alcohol’s effects
Females, alcohol and hormones
New ‘eye movement’ test may help treat fetal alcohol syndrome
Risk Factors for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Binge Drinking during Pregnancy
Antioxidants during pregnancy may help prevent birth defects tied to alcohol
Can the Light to Moderate Consumption of Alcohol Affect Fertility and Fecundity
Alcohol and Preterm Pregnancy
Alcohol and pregnancy - the Danish experience by Dr. Erik Skovenborg
Alcohol and breast feeding
Moderate alcohol use and waiting time to pregnancy
Long-Chain Alcohol Found to Block Mechanism of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Does a glass of wine a day harm the foetus?
Pregnant women can drink safely in moderation
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